Why watch a live event through a screen?

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I’m not a big fan of live music but when I do go, I would like to chow my money 100%. I’m a short guy and I just find it very annoying when I find that particular spot in the crowd where I can see the artist. I treasure that spot for as much as I can because I know it won’t last until some tall fat person blocks my view. The worst part is when they take out their smartphone to record the entire live concert and they watch it through the screen and you are also forced to do the same because you have no other view.

I see the same behaviour at weddings. The funny part is that, we can see that there’s a hired camera crew. I have no desire to go through a video recording of someone’s … get the book at Amazon for a digital detox.

2 thoughts on “Why watch a live event through a screen?

  1. Other things are just not necessary but as people we love to get attention on huge things, but then these people are stupid

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