How to avoid password reset for work in January

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You are probably in vacation mode already and you use a password pattern with an incremental number. You will come back to work after a nice vacation and you will feel lucky to remember your employee number but not the password. You will need to ask around for the IT support help desk number and get another permanent staff to verify that you are in fact an employee of company x. You will wait online for a while because there are many others like you who forgot their passwords. Your poor colleague has to stick around  while you wait. If this sounds familiar here’s what to do and this solution will also benefit you for your personal password management. Hopefully you will stop sending emails to yourself to store passwords.

Use password management tool like or

  • They are a browser extension.
  • They store your passwords in a secured vault.
  • An easy way to login to sites without entering login info.
  • You only need to remember one master password.
  • You can store notes about your password reset questions.
  • Sync across all devices.

Imagine the combined hourly rate of every employee that takes 30 min or so to successfully reset a password.

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