Why a personal digital strategy is a must have?

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Why having no personal digital strategy is a problem?

  • You will feel overwhelmed by too much info on your devices.
  • Experience a lack of focus due to too many distractions.
  • You will spend more of your life staring at screens than living.
  • You will suffer from eye strain, back muscle tension, obesity, and sleep disorders due to overuse of digital devices.

We experience the duplicated effort of wishing someone a happy birthday. In every platform that you are connected to this person, you will need to bare the pain of sending “HBD”.

I have contact details that I have saved on my phone and I have no clue who some of these people are. Do you find yourself scrolling up and down your contact list, trying to remember the name of the person you want to contact? You can picture his face but you just can’t remember the name. You keep scrolling, hoping that once you see the name, it will ring a bell. You start wondering, did we connect via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram or were we in some WhatsApp group but you never saved his contact details? These endless choices consume our energy.

We are constantly connected to our digital world and we battle to stay offline even for a day. Throughout the day we are distracted by notifications on our phones, laptops, tablets, smart watches and so forth. How can we focus? Imagine spending 4 hours a day at work, just dealing with emails. Today it’s normal to have over 1,000 unread emails, we just can’t keep up. Never mind the annoying WhatsApp groups that we can’t leave. We open so many accounts online and they all need secured passwords, which we struggle to remember. With the promise of cheaper device storage and data we end up gathering more and more information which we hardly go back to. We feel the need to capture every moment we “experience” because it’s so awesome, we have to share it. We watch live concerts through our screens. We have various digital devices with overlapping functionality, the only major difference is screen size. I guess size does matter.

There are so many devices out there and they all promise to solve some important problem in your life. We have to deal with the technical differences and be manipulated by computer salesmen. You will also buy these things to boost your ego. This ego is hiding behind a useless need to own the latest device that does the same thing as the current one you have. We want to associate ourselves with certain brands because of our social status. You will need to download all the apps you had, sync data, buy a device cover to protect it because it’s not Apple’s or Samsung’s fault that you bought a fragile device.

A picture says a thousand words but a thousand pictures say little. Are we living for pictures? Do we need to record every move we make? Can’t you go somewhere, enjoy yourself without the need to Instagram a picture? If we capture every moment, we end up capturing no moment in our lives. It’s acceptable nowadays to take like 10 pictures at a time so that you can choose the perfect one later. While you are socialising you upload your picture and you end up dealing with online responses about the awesome dinner you are having. If it’s so awesome, why are you online?

Despite the difficulty with password management we continue downloading the trending irrelevant apps, joining more social media sites to connect with the same people that we are disconnected with. All these things, they force are to create more passwords. If I look at the word “password”, it’s a word that is supposed to let me pass through something. The passwords are now a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.

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