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A picture says a thousand words but a thousand pictures say little. Are we living for pictures? Do we need to record every move we make? Can’t you go somewhere, enjoy yourself without the need to Instagram a picture? If we capture every moment, we end up capturing no moment in our lives. It’s acceptable nowadays to take like 10 pictures at a time so that you can choose the perfect one later. While you are socialising you upload your picture and you end up dealing with online responses about the awesome dinner you are having. If it’s so awesome, why are you online?

I remember a friend complaining about his wife. Saying, before I even eat, the picture of my food is already on Instagram and people are having all kinds of comments about it. I just laughed.

When I was young, the cameraman used to walk up and down the streets of Khayelitsha. You will take one picture and you won’t even know how you look. After a week later you will be surprised to see how you look when he returns with your photo. We would tease each other about our poses. One of the joys of life is to experience an element of surprise.

We have a habit of keeping every picture we take. Sometimes you will find yourself taking a picture for no reason. We end up having 5000 pictures. One of my best moments is when I wait for someone to find a particular picture that they want to show me. You will see people scrolling up and down, they have no idea where the picture is. I just stand there patiently with an evil smile as I look at them, waiting for them to say,” Sorry man, I know it’s somewhere, I will show you next time”. You can see the disappointed look on their face and I wish you can see the satisfied naughty smile on my face.

We have a lot of photoshopped pictures on the internet. Some are done on purpose by individuals because they find it difficult to accept the way they appear on pictures. The stomach might not appear to be flat enough, the hips are too wide, the butt is small, too many pimples, the lips are too small etc. We all want to look perfect, but we don’t even know what that means. If you have self-image issues why bother to take pictures and post them online? In real life people see the unmodified version of you. It’s really disappointing when you see a woman that looks a certain way online but in person, you wouldn’t even recognise her as the same person. As a result of this, a lot of people … get the book at Amazon for a digital detox.

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