Which Sipho?

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Do you find yourself scrolling up and down your contact list, trying to remember the name of the person you want to contact? You can picture his face but you just can’t remember the name? You start wondering, did we connect via Facebook, LinkedIn or you were in some WhatsApp group but you never saved his contact details? These endless choices consume our energy.

I must admit to you that, I have contact details that I have saved on my phone and I have no clue who this person is. I have saved contacts like Sipho2, SiphoSkinny, SiphoCallCentre, SiphoBlesser, SiphoFrndJames, SiphoEx, SiphoCoconut, SiphoBigHead and SiphoDontAnswer. I save contact details based on where we met, outstanding features about your body, your behaviour etc. It gets tricky when you meet SiphoSkinny after 2 years with a big belly. You also don’t want to update the contact name to SiphoSkinnyBigBelly. That will mess up your contact list memory recall process. You decide to keep his contact name as it is and hope that he will lose weight.

We go to events and collect business cards that show people their social statuses in the economic system. These things fill up space at home and we lose them. You might as well just capture the details on your phone and throw away the fancy card. Why do we have the need to exchange contact details with every person we meet. Let’s face it, you know that… get the book at Amazon for a digital detox.

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