You are the product that is being sold

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These social media platforms do not exist because someone thought ooh shame, people are so lonely, they need to constantly engage with their loved ones. Ok, maybe partly that’s the reason, but they are not done for love, it’s a business. Look at “Free basics” provided by Facebook and in partnership with Cell C. The main aim is not to provide free basics for free. I need to insert a Cell C sim card or be connected via the Project Isizwe Wi-Fi. My eyeballs will end up being glued to Facebook and WhatsApp. So you are basically given unlimited access to a restricted Facebook owned Internet. That sounds like monopoly to me. No wonder why they battled with “Free basics” in India.

You pay with your personal information which can be sold. They are intentionally designed to keep you coming back. When your Facebook friend joins Instagram, you are immediately informed. I wonder, what am I supposed to do in this case? I’m shocked that I’m still friends with this person. I will now have to remove him twice. What an effort.

Advertisers pay rent for your eyeballs. Next time you are online, you need to ask yourself, how much of your time do you want to convert into cash for social media sites? It is important to realise that … get the book at Amazon for a digital detox.

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