Living the screen to screen life?

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“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision.” Helen Keller.We are constantly connected to our digital world and we battle to stay offline even for a day. Throughout the day we are distracted by notifications on our phones, laptops, tablets, smart watches and so forth. How can we focus? Imagine spending 4 hours a day at work, just dealing with emails. Today it’s normal to have 1000 unread emails, we just can’t keep up. Never mind the annoying WhatsApp groups that we can’t leave. We open so many accounts online and they all need secured passwords, which we struggle to remember. With the promise of cheaper device storage and data we end up gathering more and more information which we hardly go back to. We feel the need to capture every moment we “experience” because it’s so awesome, we have to share it. We watch live concerts through our screens. We have various digital devices with overlapping functionality, the only major difference is screen size. I guess size does matter. We have tech savvy millennials in the corporate companies but they struggle with relationship building, because our social interactions have become more digital.  How do we find the middle way for our future generation? Get the book at Amazon for a digital detox.

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