What’s the Wi-Fi password?

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That has become a common question. You might hear it at family gatherings, restaurants, gyms, live concert, sports event etc. For some reason we feel like we’ve become these unqualified journalists in our social circles. We need to share the news about our environment or personal lives as they happen because the rest of our friends are online waiting for the next new feed. It sounds like we are documenting our mini version of “Follow the Kardashians”.

The public places were meant to be a place where we can meet new people and socialise. Don’t get me wrong, I recognise the benefits of having free Wi-Fi, but the constant connection is really consuming us. You will see restaurants packed with laptops and tablets. Especially now that Starbucks has come to South Africa in Rosebank and Mall of Africa. You will see these trendy students and young professionals who have travelled internationally chilling there, all Appled up with their iDevices. You may think there’s a study session going on or it has been turned into some digital library. You will see people ordering the cheapest things, so that they can get that Wi-Fi password. They will slowly sip that coffee until it’s ice cold. You might as well thank the non-transparent cups. The waitress will give you the “you’ve been here for 3 hours and you didn’t order a 5L coffee” look. You will look around and look back at her to signal that there are still empty chairs. After a moment, you will be surprised to hear… get the book at Amazon for a digital detox.

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