Keep calm & exit WhatsApp group

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This communication app was never meant to be used for work, for some reason the virus spread and it has now become an accepted communication means for work. We have now created a number of groups for personal and work purposes. We are constantly engaging with each other throughout the day. Since people can see your last seen on WhatsApp, you are pressured to respond even on weekends for work related stuff, this also adds pressure from a social perspective. Some of these messages come at night and they cause family issues. It becomes very difficult to draw the line between work and personal life. I personally do not care if you see that I’m ignoring you. I will take my time to respond to you.

We are so excited to create groups and it becomes very difficult to leave them. People think that it’s rude to just leave. A lot of these groups lose their purpose quickly and some have mixed up discussions. It becomes very difficult to follow important conversations in between the funny memes and random jokes. Some of these memes are appropriate for personal life but some are not appropriate for work.

We also experience the duplicated effort of wishing someone a happy birthday. In every platform that you are connected to this person, you will need to … get the book at Amazon for a digital detox.


One thought on “Keep calm & exit WhatsApp group

  1. I can absolutely relate to this. It is so difficult to leave the work groups even though it is a serious interruption to your personal life.

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